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The problem with people is not that they don’t know better. People are intelligent, and most of the time they do know what to do! For example, you may know that you need to find time to let go of control and have more faith, or that you need to accept instead of resisting reality. You may feel like you could give a whole lecture on what you ‘should’ do, and yet you don’t do it! This is because your default behaviour is not run by your intellect, it’s run by the programming in your subconscious mind. That is why no matter how much research you do on overcoming your fear, and how many facts you may know about how safe it is to be on a plane, or that you can survive a cockroach crawling on you, it will not make a difference if you have a phobia!

The only thing that will make a difference in changing your default behaviour is to make a conscious decision to work on your unprocessed emotions and subconscious programming. So, perhaps it is time to stop focusing on our logic to change our habits. Perhaps we can also admit that being overly authoritative to ourselves internally doesn’t inspire change, and neither does pretending to be okay with our unhealthy behaviour.

What works is to operate with wisdom, have realistic goals for what you want to shift, accept that your emotions are not aligned with your intelligence, and address that emotional part of you with compassion and understanding. The truth is, your emotions respond more to your belief systems than to your desires. If you seek to understand yourself instead of judging yourself, you may see that the behaviours you have judged as ‘negative’ are in place to protect you from deeper pain. And if you dare to face that deeper pain and move through it, your undesirable behaviours will naturally drop and you will achieve a tremendous sense of freedom.

Hypnotherapy has been named one of the most powerful ways to get your conscious and subconscious mind to align. We have had the honour and privilege of seeing many people shift deep-rooted patterns, overcome phobias, move past their addictions, sleep better, transform their relationships and more.. If you wish to start on your own journey of change, get in touch with us, and see the magic in a couple of sessions!

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