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Acceptance is a topic that seems to be bubbling up at the centre, and because it is the basis of so much of our healing work I wanted to shed some light on it this month.  The foundation of all healing process requires us to give up our judgment of the past so that we can fully acknowledge and accept what has hurt us; this may sound easy however there is more to it than it sounds!

Our traumas and hurt are caused only by judgement and rejection; we may think its other people’s rejection that have caused us pain, however, the moment we agree with them, it becomes our own judgment too!  The opposite of this judgment is acceptance, which is why it is the basis of healing.  After years of conditioning, our natural instinct to deal with things we don’t like, is to either reject it, or to ‘tolerate‘ it, if we see no way out.  Both these methods keep us stuck in the same vibrational realm of judgement and the pain just gets deeper.

Even if tolerance is a virtue, it still has its limits because it makes us feel resigned and cynical instead of at peace because underneath it all we are still judging.  In other words tolerance makes life bearable, it doesn’t make it livable, and it could cause feelings of depression or even numbness.  Other people confuse acceptance with approval, and ask me “how can I approve of such horrid behaviour?!” I am not saying that you need to approve of other people lying or cheating; what I am saying is to be with the fact that that they did what they did, and it’s over!  This is merely stepping up a notch and accepting fact without judgment, so your feelings of anger can finally go and you can be free.  Once you accept what happened your response is up to you; you can maintain that relationship or end it, but at least it will be from a place of peace.