Life Coaching

If you have a specific goal or a persisting complaint, our personal development coaching sessions are ideal to support you. Our approach is goal-oriented working with specific objectives such as manifesting a new job, gaining clarity and direction, overcoming anxiety, overcoming challenges in relationships, dealing with bereavement, transitioning into a new role, or dealing with physical pain.

As we encounter regular stresses and pressures, it could be common for incidents to leave a lasting impression, and arouse negative emotions such as fear, anger, helplessness, sadness or a combination of these. When these feelings are left unexpressed or are not dealt with appropriately, they could ripple into repercussions of emotional, physical or mental traumas.

To effectively release the toxic patterns and help bring a holistic shift, we turn to coaching, counselling and therapy, depending on what is most useful and beneficial for the client. Based on the scientific principles of the Theory of Mind by Dr. John Kappas, Milton Ericson and Sigmund Freud, our techniques directly access the client’s subconscious mind, using a combination of writing exercises, visualisations, and cognitive unpeeling.

* Available via skype

60-90 minutes

Initial session – $1,900 HKD
5 sessions – $8,500 HKD
10 sessions – $15,800 HKD (includes 1 hour of Acupressure Massage)
20 sessions – $26,500 HKD (includes 1 extra session PLUS 1 hour of Acupressure Massage)