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Unravelling Your Emotional Knots

This workshop helps you work through experiences, heal deep wounds, and recognize behavior patterns and beliefs that hinder progress.

Sonia Samtani

Facilitator: Angelina Paraliki
Angelina Paraliki is an International Psychic Medium offering professional consultations for life guidance by connecting with the source of universal energy that flows through us all.
From this unique perspective she is able to help others develop their own gifts, connect with their loved ones in Spirit, or simply gain a deeper understanding and an insight with which to move forward in their lives.

All emotions expressed or non-expressed are energetic in form, they carry frequencies, and these frequencies are part of the bigger field we reside.

In this workshop you will have the experience to work through an experience, to understand and identify the depth of it, and learn to release and heal gradually your own deep wounds.

This will help you to identify the depth and pattern of behavior we hold in different aspects of our Life.
A pattern of behavior or belief can be weakened-broken and finally healed when we begin to understand that ONE experience can be the reason for our Self belief to stop us from moving forward.

A supportive warm energy will be working with you as you undertake this journey.
Come with an open Heart and Mind to show yourself who you really are and why you can be the Master of your journey.

23rd November 2024
10:00 am – 1:00 pm
All About You Centre

Fee: HKD1,000