Couples Counseling

Our couples counseling involves sessions with both parties present to address and resolve conflicts in communication, and establish a greater understanding and acceptance of each other.  Relationship counseling strengthens relationships in distress and re-establishes a foundation of trust and support.  The sessions involve:

  • Understanding your own and your partners needs, triggers and communication style
  • Learning to communicate to each other in effective ways
  • Discovering how to bring passion & polarity back in to your relationship and find new ways to align with each other that do not involve other people or children
  • Identifying what’s incomplete about the past that is still affecting your present relationship and being able to finally move past the trauma of the past


* Available via skype

60-90 minutes

Initial session – $1,900 HKD
5 sessions – $8,500 HKD
10 sessions – $15,800 HKD (includes 1 hour of Acupressure Massage)
20 sessions – $26,500 HKD (includes 1 extra session PLUS 1 hour of Acupressure Massage)

Per session – $1,500 HKD
5 sessions – $7,000 HKD

Per session – $1,600 HKD
5 sessions – $7,250 HKD
10 sessions – $14,000 HKD