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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a branch of hypnotherapy and is used for personal growth and healing. Our mind carries with it both wisdom and scarring from many past-lives which is having an impact on us today. These experiences have shaped who we are, how we respond to situations, our beliefs and patterns, and our deep-seated triggers.  They may take the form of phobias, chronic physical issues, inexplicable emotions that cannot be mapped back to any particular life experience, emotional numbness, or recurring themes and patterns.  At any given point in time we usually have anywhere between zero and seven impressions of unhealed past-lives that are actively influencing us, and healing those lives will make a massive difference to our life experience.

The main purpose of this therapy is to catharitize the toxicity that is still in our system from the past-life, obtain the wisdom and lesson from that life, and leave the past-life character in peace.  The results from this therapy have seen clients breaking patterns and stepping into new relationships, experiencing diving and other activities they were phobic about, and healing parts of the body with cysts and tumours.

Past Life Regression is a very deep and advanced technique that we do with clients who have prior metaphysical understanding and/or experience. Please bare this in mind when booking this service.

* Available in person and online

60-90 minutes