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Conscious Community

All About You is bringing together a community to grow, evolve, and connect.

Louie Chan

Facilitator: Jessica Syvones
Jessica Syvones, is a Tarot Reader, a Clairvoyant, and a Healer. She had been involved with Spiritual practices since 1999. However, her abilities started before that. She is a very sensitive person who can feel other people’s energy. She connects with people deeply and effortlessly through Universal energy.

We will be bringing you monthly activities for the mind, body, and spirit that unite us in a light-hearted, meaningful manner. Every activity we do will have a touch of All About You’s philosophy promoting acceptance, discernment, and conscious living.
These sessions will be led by our practitioners and will include a variety of activities.

This month’s Conscious Community is entitled: Tarot Tales: A Collective Journey through the Cards with Jessica Syvones!

For our next Conscious Community gathering, we bring you the mystics of Tarot Reading by Jessica Syvones! Step into the world of Tarot Cards in this interactive storytelling workshop, where creativity knows no bounds! Deep dive into a journey where each card drawn unveils a new chapter in a story co-created by all participants. Let the magic of storytelling and symbolism guide us through this collaborative adventure!

24th May 2024
4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
All About You Centre

Fee: HKD280