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Psychic Development

Everything in the universe, including us, is created by the God Force or Spirit.

Sonia Samtani

Facilitator: Angelina Paraliki
Angelina Paraliki is an International Psychic Medium offering professional consultations for life guidance by connecting with the source of universal energy that flows through us all.
From this unique perspective she is able to help others develop their own gifts, connect with their loved ones in Spirit, or simply gain a deeper understanding and an insight with which to move forward in their lives.

“Everything in the universe is at its base created and experienced by the power that we call “ The God Force or Spirit”, so are we.
The key is simply Intention, unconditional surrender to the blending process and of course unconditional Love.
In this process that we will undertake by moving in the power you can all experience the various Clairs.

I like to work in a practical healing method to open you up to these sensitivities.
Clairsentient – CLEAR sensing
Clairvoyance – CLEAR seeing
Clairaudience – CLEAR hearing
Claircognizance – CLEAR knowing
Clairalience – CLEAR Smelling
Clairgustance – CLEAR tasting

This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore your own sensitivities.

24th November 2024
10:00 am – 1:00 pm
All About You Centre

Fee: HKD1,000