Connect with the Tarot – Level 1

What is Tarot?

Tarot is considered a powerful tool for self-discovery and manifestation. Consisting of a deck of cards, Tarot can provide guidance when you have to make a choice, develop yourself or have questions regarding your personal and professional life (among many other areas). Each card in the Tarot deck comes with its own imagery, symbolism and story that represents personalities and situations that we encounter on a day-to-day basis. 

Come Connect with the Tarot in this 2 day workshop! 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the broad background of the Tarot (Egypt/Italy origin debate).
  • Be introduced to the distinction between contemplation and divination.
  • Be introduced to the Qabalistic structure of Tarot post 19th century.
  • Know the difference between a Tarot Deck and an oracle deck.
  • See examples of the most important tarot Designs that influenced modern Tarot (Visconti, Marseilles, Rider-Waite, Thoth).
  • Be introduced to the Tarot as a “memory palace” for metaphysical and practical wisdom.
  • Be able to recognize the Qabalistic Tree of life, (Kircher, Luriah, and Graa Variants).
  • Learn to put the entire deck in order.
  • See an example of an opening and closing circle routine.
  • Be introduced to the concept that “there is one Tarot, and many decks.”
  • Use the Synaesthesia method to forge an intuitive connection to each of the cards.
  • Learn the three major parts of the deck.
  • Learn the simple Past-Present-Future reading spread, and practice on each other.
  • Learn the Celtic Cross reading spread and practice on each other.
  • Learn the Octahedron reading spread, and practice on each other.
  • Learn how to cast a simple circle, and learn why.
  • Be given a “recommended daily practice” to deepen their growth with the Tarot.
  • Get to do five + practice readings, and participate in group Tarot interpretation.

Connect with the Tarot – Level 2

About this workshop:

In the second level of Connecting with the Tarot,  students will engage deeper with the Qabalistic and Hermetic elements that underpin the modern Tarot system. Together, we will go through the Tree of Life diagram as it is connected to the minor and major arcana, and learn about how the Hebrew letters (and their secret meanings) are assigned to the cards. In the second level we will engage with the major arcana cards in order from 0-21, following the path of the ‘Fool’s Journey’. In addition to the mainstream Tree of Life diagram, students will explore several alternates, Including the Gra tree and the Lurianic Tree. The emphasis of this second level class is to familiarize students with the astrological, numerological, and alchemical systems behind the Rider-Waite Tarot, so that they can consolidate them efficiently in their memories, and gain access to the larger body of Hermetic literature on the Tarot and related magical and divinatory systems.

Students May Wish to Bring:
Other decks, pens and coloring supplies, cloths and bags for keeping their decks.

The key philosophy behind this course is “There is only 1 Tarot, all the different decks are simply different windows into it.”

Level 1: 2-Day Workshop
8 hours

$3,500.00 HKD

Level 2: 2-Day Workshop
8 hours

$3,750.00 HKD