TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release)

TRE® is a way of releasing pent up stresses and past traumas that have become trapped in the body. We do this by activating neurogenic tremors – a natural shaking process that is innate to all mammals.

You might have seen a horse send a tremor through its body after a fall, or observed your dog or cat send shivers through its body after a fight. What you are seeing is the body deactivating its fight, flight, freeze mechanism, allowing the system to reset to normal after being in full alert or ‘danger’ mode.

We, humans, do this too but sometimes in this always-on, stressful world, our systems don’t know when it’s safe to stand down. TRE® is a simple technique that tells our bodies to shake off past trauma and reset.

TRE® is a natural process which is a purely ‘somatic’ or body-based, so it does not involve talking about or verbally reliving past traumas or current stresses.


What does a TRE® Session Look Like?

In a session you will learn about the biological processes that lead to a build-up of stresses in our bodies and how that can negatively impact our health and wellness.

Then our qualified TRE® Provider will take you through a series of 7 simple stretching exercises, to activate your psoas muscle and autonomic nervous system. Once your body starts to feel a little shaky, you simply lie on the floor and allow the vibrations to intuitively move through the body.

‘Tremoring’ can last for about 25 minutes, and then you enjoy a period of relaxation to let the body integrate the process. The overall experience takes just over an hour, and afterwards many report feelings of release, relaxation, unburdening, calmness.

The effects of TRE® can be felt during and after the tremoring experience, and this is then further integrated into the body over the coming days.

A one to one session allows you to work through your anxiety/ trauma in privacy. If you suffer from PTSD we strongly advise that you start with a private session so you can express yourself freely and privately before graduating into group classes.

Group class also available.

What are the health benefits of TRE®?

The immediate benefits are feeling calmer, less reactive and more relaxed. After 5 or 6 sessions some people have even been told they look younger, since the face is no longer holding on to lots of micro-tensions!

After practising TRE® over a period of several months, people have reported the following health benefits:

Physical: relief from inflammatory illnesses like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Eczema, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and pains such as migraines, headaches, back pain, knee, neck, hip, shoulder.

Emotional: reduced reactive anger, fear, doubt, worry. Less loss of control, rage, anxiety, which also means better sleep for many. Generally calmer, happier, positive, more content.

At work: more open, confident, expressive, trusting, better at listening. Less defensive and reactive.

At home: more loving, emotionally demonstrative, present, patient, generous, open, intimate, communicative, caring. Feeling safe, self-empowered, in control, orgasmic.

HKD3,380 (Package of 4 private sessions and 1 group class)