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Lisa Glasgow

Services and Workshops

Lisa Glasgow

TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release) Provider

Lisa is a qualified TRE® Provider currently living in Hong Kong. She has been working with this somatic, de-stressing therapy since 2017, guiding people to literally shake off deeply held stresses or traumas.

Lisa has worked with clients in UK, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Using this process she has helped a wide range of people reduce their stress levels and reconnect with their bodies.

Lisa has also helped those suffering from Complex PTSD, emotional repression, anxiety, depression, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (noting that it is safe for people with EDS and can help them gain better, pain-free sleep). If you have a specific health concern, please email or call for advice on how TRE® can help.

Coming from the high-stress, fast paced world of corporate advertising, Lisa has experienced the negative impact that a build-up of daily stresses can have on a person’s health and it is the desire to help people work in a healthy way that led Lisa to discover Dr. David Berceli’s ground-breaking technique.