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Reopen the healing channel you were born with and learn how to use this wonderful energy on yourself and others!

The official definition for Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. But our practitioner, Sam Spiro, likes to call it unconditional pure love direct from the universe. 

Reiki is commonly used as a healing technique wherein the practitioner channels energy by means of touch and activated the natural healing process in the body restoring its physical and emotional well being. 

Reiki 2 Workshop:

The 2-day Reiki 2 workshop is all about building on what you have learned in the first level, giving you more tools to amp up the flow and energy intensity.

The workshop will again include several lovely meditations. We will discuss your experiences of using Reiki and you will also receive the 3 main symbols via attunements that I will give you (individually) over the course of the weekend. You will learn how and when to use these symbols and to feel and experience their unique energy. Using them to create what we desire (assuming it’s for your highest good and within the realms of free will) is another great “perk” of learning and using Reiki.

On the last day, we will discuss and learn how to balance the chakras and what crystals to use for each. We will also incorporate pendulum work.

Learn powerful symbols that take your healing ability up a gear. You can call yourself a practitioner at this level and in the UK can rightfully get insurance as a professional practitioner. 

Please note that Reiki 1 and 2 workshops are done separately with a gap in between the two. It is not recommended to do the workshops back to back. 

For those that would like to enrol for a refresher session, we offer 1 and 2 day refreshers at either the Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 workshops.
1 day refresher: $350 HKD
2 day refresher: $750 HKD

Reiki 1
2 days

Reiki 2
2 days

$2,400.00 HKD

$2,800 HKD