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This month we would like to shine some light upon what drives us to take action. There has been much talk about the dip in the stock markets and the downturn in the economy; crisis has struck and people are looking all around for coping strategies on how to survive.  If survival is the key, then merely surviving is what we will get; we keep hearing people say how they are getting by with a lot of struggle!

We operate out of two main reasons: to obtain pleasure or to avoid pain. In seeking pleasures there is a tendency to procrastinate and we take our sweet time to move forward. However, in our pursuit to avoid pain we step up and do whatever it takes!  This means that so far we are only learning our lessons and making necessary shifts in moments of pain and hurt.  This is where consciousness is at the moment, however with awareness we can change this!

We would love to see a shift in consciousness whereby we can grow in pleasure and be able to look in front and move towards our goal.  If we can motivate ourselves to be in action towards what we want, whilst being open to the learning it brings,  the beliefs that need to be worked on, or the emotions that need to be released, we would save ourselves from much suffering.  This month we invite you to think about one thing you have been procrastinating to do, think about what life would be like if you achieve it, and make a strong commitment to move towards that goal!  It all starts with awareness, willpower, and making a powerful decision!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
February 2016