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The question of whether something is destined and to what extent we have free choice, has been plaguing us for a long time. There are some that believe that everything is free will and choice, and others who approach astrologers believing that things are destined.

If we look at the big picture, ultimately everything is a choice. The fact that we exist is also a choice that we have made at another level of consciousness, and because of that choice certain things are consequential – which we call destiny. If we take a very light example; if you have made the choice to have clean teeth, then it’s in your destiny to brush and floss. You cannot make that choice without the consequence. Another deeper example is that if your soul has chosen to experience being female, the consequence would be to experience the monthly cycles and creating life within the body.

Hence based on the choices of the past, we constantly experience consequences. The consequences of choices made from another level of consciousness could appear as a ‘fixed event’ in our lives, in other words something that is bound to happen, and this is what the astrologers and numerologists are so accurate in seeing.

In order to know those things that are fixed and the ripple effect our of our choices we are bringing in celebrity astrologer, numerologist and palmist Max Coppa who has over 35 years of experience. If you would like to know more please do make sure to have a reading with him!