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If you create space in your life for failure, negativity, sadness, you will find that there will also be space for success, positivity, and happiness. If you make space for all things life has to offer, you will be in charge of life and see everything as an experience. You will not be fixated on naming things as “all good” or “all bad”, you will see both co-existing, and see that at any given moment we have as many resources as we have challenges.

All of us have a balance of support and challenges happening at the same time, and we have the power to remain equanimous to all of it. We also have the choice to feel superior when things are going well or victimized when things are challenged. If you choose to oscillate between feeling superior and victimized, life will show you ups and downs that affect your self-esteem. If you choose equanimity, life will show you ups and downs that you can observe, and move through with groundedness. Which one do you choose?

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