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Do you believe you are a procrastinator?

Procrastination is no stranger to us; I have seen people beat themselves up over and over again with the guilt of being a procrastinator, so I was inspired to demystify a few things about this label.

• If you have a tendency to produce great results with last minute execution; this doesn’t necessarily mean you are a procrastinator. In this case, you could have a powerful association in your subconscious mind of getting an adrenaline rush as the deadline approaches, and that’s when you produce your best work and still get it done on time.

• If you push yourself beyond your body’s capacity to achieve an overwhelming amount of tasks in a day, and don’t ‘get it all done’; this does not mean you are a procrastinator. You just have an unrealistic expectation of what you can do, and are pushing your body beyond it’s capability – it would be beneficial to be kind to your body and allow yourself to rest!

• If you manage to complete all urgent tasks on time, when it comes to non-urgent tasks you find yourself distracted by going on Facebook a few times a day; this does not mean you are a procrastinator. Again this is more an issue of boredom and an addiction to the adrenaline.

If you are a true procrastinator the tendency of avoiding doing things would show up everywhere and all the time; in returning phone calls, in doing your daily chores, in completing assignments etc. For all these people procrastination is a defense mechanism, coming up to fill some sort of void with escapism. The void would most probably be something painful that you don’t want to face about yourself so it’s easier to avoiding taking any action. The first step to everything is acceptance and acknowledgement of what’s really going on, everything starts becoming clearer after that.

Hope this has given you some insights… Have a lovely summer!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
July 2016