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“A painting, like a thought, is very powerful and if you want to change your life, you need to alter the way you think,” –Yogini Murdeswara

Yogini Murdeswara, an ex-banker for HSBC who  currently paints is no ordinary painter. For the last 5 years, she has produced paintings that have been used to heal and empower people through lifes’ rough patches. Each painting is personalized according to  each persons troubles.

Her paintings focus one’s chakra’s. She believes that each chakra has its own colour and frequency. When there is an imbalance with the chakras, her paintings can help with balancing them. This is done through one meditating on the painting.

According to Yogini, she doesn’t decide on the painting, but the Universe does. By meditating the persons name, the universe gives her the inspiration to what is to be painted. The content as well is decided through intuitive meditation. When meditating on her painting, it will then help alter your perspective towards life, this brings a change in attitude from where solutions to all problems emerge. So overall, your outlook on life changes.

If you order the painting, it comes with a detailed explanation and guidance on the meditation recommended to bring out the intention. Her channeled paintings have an Indian touch and her clients have found it to be extremely powerful and healing when meditated upon. Her work can best be described as healing through colour and silent expression.

We at “All About You” are currently promoting her artwork. If interested, feel free to contact us!