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Facilitator: Yuvraj Kapadia Fact is objective. It contains the established elements of time, space and measurable parameters which cannot be changed or distorted. Truth on the other hand is subjective. There may be my truth, your truth, our truth, a truth or the truth. Truth builds its base on the subjective process. Our life is […]

Facilitator: Jaz Goven Fast Track Technique Level 2 – Expansion In Fast Track Technique Level 2 you will go deeper into The Fast Track System and learn How to uncover Set Points or underlying reasons to hold onto chronic conditions or programming. You will learn how to use muscle testing on another person. Using your new skill […]

Facilitator: Peter Freeth Change doesn’t happen in one big leap, it’s a series of small, safe, continuous actions. Every step that you take moves you forwards, regardless of whether it feels like an achievement at the time. When your dreams are fixed firmly in your mind, you cannot fail, you can only move closer, every […]