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True success is when you sleep peacefully every night.

Some may think it’s about achievements or being conscious. However, no matter how well you have performed during the day or how much inner-work you have done, you won’t reap the benefits of it if unless your mind and bodies rest.

Sleepless nights have consequences on your mood, physical health, relationships, and prevent you from processing self-help activities. This is why we don’t address issues in therapy if a person isn’t sleeping well, the first thing we would want to address is their sleep (and as we address underlying issue of that, addresses most other issues that a person may be facing)!

In our sleep-state, we truly digest our day and this is when our mind inputs all the events of the day into our subconscious database. During the sleep state our bodies regenerate tissues, our brains consolidate memories, and our minds process the emotions and events of the day. It also means that if you have anything disturbing you, you can come to peace with it before you sleep, then your mind and bodies won’t be storing the uncomfortable emotions, and you will sleep deeper.

Here are some tips you can do before bed to sleep well:

Have a closing ritual where you consciously close your day. Imagine closing all the files of your to-do list, and putting it in the background of your mind.
Reflect on what the day has taught you, so that you are present to the lessons. Accept what you have and haven’t done. If there are things bothering you, face them and take deep breaths to release emotional charges so you don’t carry incompletions forward.
End your day in a high vibration. Say a positive affirmation where you are being kind and loving to yourself and keep repeating it 21 times, so you can sleep on that note.
For anyone who would like to know more, I am giving a talk on “Better Sleep and Learning How to Shut Down” For Prestige’s Women of Power Summit on June 8th. And I would love to gift you my meditation designed especially for sleep “Good Night”.

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