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Half the year is over, and we are seeing so many different realities play out in different parts of the world. There are countries that are facing brutal repercussions of the pandemic daily, while others haven’t seen much change at all. We are being shown polarity more clearly than before. We can see the light and dark aspects of the world, and if we look closer we will be able to see it in ourselves too. We have also just experienced a lunar eclipse of darkness on May 26th, and an upcoming solar eclipse of light on June 10th.

With all this put forth so evidently, I believe we are being shown over and over how one of our biggest lessons on earth is to be able to accept both sides of duality to be able to live in a state of equanimity. It is paradoxical to our rational mind to maintain oneness in a world of duality, because we can only rationalise when two opposing sides are present. Hence it takes a different level of consciousness and letting go of rational thought, and then we can experience a state of bliss like never before.

We are being shown many opportunities where we can recognise everything has a dark and light too it, and it’s up to us to understand that or to remain oscillating between elation and depression. When you can see the value that darkness can bring, and the pain that lightness can bring, you can understand that the both don’t mean anything.

My intention of writing my book “52 Thoughts For Conscious Living” was to bring this message to light. There is one thought for every week of the year with a specific message to empower you to live more consciously. This year for my birthday on June 9th, in lieu of gifts, I would like to ask that you purchase the Kindle copy of the book for yourself or your loved ones. All the proceeds will be matched by myself and donated to ChickenSoup Foundation; an organisation near and dear to my heart that advocates positive psychology for at-risk families. Here is the link to purchase: 52 Thoughts For Conscious Living

I sincerely thank you for all your support, and hope that through this initiative you are able to see that every action produces ripples, influencing your life and the lives of others.

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