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The more I work with people to accept recent changes, face losses, and move forward, the more I am understanding that every moment in time is a snapshot of an ongoing cycle where there is no beginning or end. If we keep tracing back time, we will notice that there is no start to when the universe was created, there would always be something that existed before a moment of change – even if that something was space. Similarly, if we keep moving forward in time, we will notice that whenever one era ends, another will always begin. Cycles will continue and consciousness will keep transforming into other forms, and there is nothing we can really do about that.

We are in a never-ending cycle of beginnings and endings, and each cycle brings us a different experience with more wisdom and awareness. If we can truly understand this, we will have the awareness to experience change without complaining or deluding ourselves that things are supposed to be constant and occur only in the way we want. The only thing we have full control over is how present we are to each moment. The more we judge, the more we are taken away from being present. The more we accept, the more we can be mindful and find peace in the present moment. That’s the only thing we have full control over, and the choice is ours to make!

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