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Welcome to the first day of a new beginning – the year 2017!  I’m using the term new beginning as it’s not only the new year, but according to numerology we are coming into a number ‘1’ year which marks new beginnings for our planet. We know that this is a great time for you all to create what the year will bring forth (and by now we’ve given plenty of tips on how that works!), so this time we wanted to share some wisdom about what to expect this year energetically so you can incorporate it to your goals.  Here’s what our Numerology expert Max Coppa has to say about 2017:

“2017 relates to new beginnings and lots of energy that needs to be focused in one purposeful direction. As you have seen last year (2016) was a world ‘9’ year which was full of endings, subversive dealings in politics, cyber-attacks and many things we couldn’t easily see. This year changes the pace and will be all up in front of us and plain to see. China and America will test each other out in the South China Seas, movements in the Earth’s crust will be bigger and more changes are in store for the world money market.

On the positive side more people will look to the spiritual side of life as they don’t trust the old ways anymore, and more key figures in the world joining our ranks. A positive and collective way of thinking is needed to make change in the world; not just countries but all of us and all nationalities united. The air will clear, the water will clear and Mother Earth will come back into balance. Let’s start the good news channel and preach, guide and love to create a better new world for us all.”

The new year is an opportunity to put the past behind us year and start afresh (which is something we could do anyway, but this is a nice excuse)!  Let’s align ourselves with the numbers, and mentally note that 2016 is done and over, take the learnings from it, and focus on creating something that is new and different – we have all that it takes to make it our year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
January 2017