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What if it’s not about the money? with Jaz Goven

Join Jaz and Fast Track Technique in this unique webinar ONLINE workshop going deeper than ever before and discover more about yourself? AND that it isn’t about the money, and it never was!!!

23rd November 2021
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Jaz Goven

What if it’s NOT about the Money?

We put so much focus and important on money and what something is worth, what we are paid, the value of our house, our car, our clothes and even the schools we send out children too.

We worry about the money we have and the responsibility of what to do with it. And, at the same time, we worry about the money we don’t have and how we can get more.

So, what if it’s NOT about the money?

What if we would bypass money and go deeper?
What if it’s about what money ‘does’ for you that’s the ‘real’ issue and money is just an external validation of our worth in the world?
What if we would honour money for what it is and what it can do but start to value and validate ourselves first?
How would that feel? What would you find? Who would you discover at this deeper level? What is it you been ignoring about yourself?
What if self-validation is the key to more money? More self esteem? More personal power?
What if this can be simple, easy, and fun?

Fast Track Technique the premier tool for self-realization and change.


HK$ 400.00


Online Workshop