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We know that screaming, swearing and punching is socially unacceptable, and we accept that this is not appropriate to be done to another person, and in public! However sometimes when these things are done privately as an act of release, it can feel so good! The truth is we all have felt angry at some point, and if this energy of anger is not expressed outwards it implodes inwards and starts affecting our bodies as tension and disease.

The act of intentionally expressing suppressed emotions and releasing toxicity in a safe environment is known as catharsis. If the suppressed emotion is anger, it’s probably not going to express itself calmly by talking, but rather by letting out the rage. Catharsis is a pivotal point of any therapy because it is the final release of all the energy and emotions that are trapped in the mind and body. It’s only after this release that we are finally able to see clearly and get a different perspective on an issue.

By this I am not encouraging you to lash out at somebody, but rather asking you to find a safe space to allow yourself to express your pent up emotions in their authentic form and be done with them for good! This month I invite you to give yourself permission to find a safe space, focus on something you are truly angry with and let it out fully. If need be you could punch a cushion, swear, scream, sing, dance, shake it out and basically do whatever you need to … Without any judgement! Just go to town with it and make it a ritual for yourself that nobody needs to know about!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
August 2016