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We have a tendency to forget that all physical experiences are impermanent, including our relationships with people. One of my recent lessons has been to embrace that all relationships are impermanent, and people are meant to pass through our lives, leaving behind memories, lessons, and experiences. Many people live with the illusion that our connections should last forever, which poses challenges both in the area of accepting the natural ending of things and in needing to put an end to things when they are not working. It makes a big difference to accept when a relationship has been completed, and make it okay that it happened.

Viewing our relationships as a temporary experience where we cross paths with people sometimes for this lifetime, and sometimes for a period within our lifetime can bring about a profound shift in our perspective, and help us to work with the laws of the earth instead of against them. Every encounter we have, whether brief or long-lasting, has added some energy and value to our lives. I invite you to think of a relationship that has been completed and focus on the impact that the relationship had on you, what value you gained from it, and how that experience shaped the person you have become. Are you ready to accept endings and beginnings as a natural part of the ebb and flow of life? When you embrace the transience of life, you will discover a profound beauty in every encounter, knowing that each person who passes through your life contributes to the tapestry of who you are becoming.

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