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With the recent shift in awareness many of us are becoming conscious of our dormant capacity to manifest our desires and achieve our goals. Many refer to this phenomenon as working with the universe, the law of attraction, or being the creator of your destiny. Regardless of how we look at it, most of us now realize that we can make things happen, however we may wonder exactly how to do this; what exactly are the steps; does it work every time?

Through my own experience and, all the work and books that I have read, I have outlined below four simple steps to manifest what you want providing that it is in alignment with what is best for you. This means that although you are very clear on what you want to manifest, you will ultimately get it through detachment to the result and truly being okay with or without it.

Step One: Name what you want
Most of us want something in life, be it more money, power, luxury, relationships, a healthy body, successful career, ideal weight and so on. We desire that which we do not have or do not have enough of. It is important to be as specific as you possibly can when describing what you want; so if you want a specific client write down 10 traits of your ideal customer. If you want to be financially rich ask yourself what that looks like? How much money would make you rich and where should that money come from? It also helps to know why you want it; will it help you to be happier/ content/ healthier etc? Please do bear in mind that we all have choice and free-will, so if you name a specific person you could be infringing on their right to choose. It is best not to attach a particular form to your desire, instead focus on all the traits you want to see in that person.

Remember if you can’t name it, you can’t have it!

Step Two: Discover your blockages
Coming from the premise that everything is energy or vibration and the vibration of one thing impacts another, the only reason why you do not have what you want is because you have certain beliefs that prevent you from getting it. These beliefs propel you to be the complete opposite of who you need to be in order to obtain your goal. For example, if your goal is to have a loving relationship, the underlying belief may be ‘ I don’t deserve to be loved’ – this belief may be so subtle that it goes unnoticed, yet it is something you have felt for a long time and keeps cropping up.

You can identify your beliefs by writing down why you think you don’t have what you want. When you are aware of your negative beliefs, make a commitment to eradicate it. This can be achieved by focusing on it, feeling the toxicity of the emotion in your body, and keep exhaling out the emotional charge as if you are blowing air into a balloon. Keep doing this on a daily basis until you feel no emotions attached to the negative belief.

Step Three: Believe you can have it
For anything to materialize someone needs to believe that it is possible; your thoughts needs to be in alignment with your desire. Many times we may know that we want something, and at the same time we are scared we won’t be able to handle it if we receive it. When you have eradicated your negative beliefs, it is time to strengthen the positive and put your thoughts in consonance with your aspiration.

Write down at least 10 reasons why you believe you can have your particular goal. It could be because you have done something similar before; or because you have all the skills and qualifications needed to achieve it; or because you know others have done it so you can too; or because you believe that things have always come easily to you. As you are writing this, you are telling yourself and the universe that you are ready and open to receiving it.
Finally close your eyes, imagine that you have manifested what you want, and focus what that feels like. It is important to keep focusing on the emotions that you would feel once you have achieved it, and experience the same contentment, peace, joy, happiness, excitement or anything else. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between physical reality or creative visualization, so in your visualization you are planting memories in your subconscious that lay the foundation for success.

Step Four: Let it go
If you have ever held sand in the palm of your hand and squeezed it, you would see that it spills. Similarly if we hold onto our desires and goals with attachment, we are creating the negative vibration of fear and decreasing the possibility of actualizing the goal. This is one of the most crucial steps of manifestation, and probably the one that is mostoverlooked. Once you know why you believe you will have that goal, surrender it totally and completely to the universe with confidence. Carry on with your life with the positive emotions that you created with your visualization and be fine with or without this goal. It may sound strange, but what you are doing is taking away any residual negative belief, fear or greed associated with the desire. Ocne you have truly let go and feel good about yourself ….. watch the universe perform its magic! ?

Manifestation is rooted in our thoughts, words, behavior and actions. Clarity and consistency in all are a prerequisite to any manifestation. Try the formula above and I would love to hear about your results.

Photo Credit: Holly Rose