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Heart Walls Introduction Talk with Jaz Goven

Do you have a wall around your Heart?
How would you feel without it?
What else would be possible for you without a wall around your heart?
How much more could you give AND receive?

Introduction Talk
30th August 2022
10:00 am – 11:00 am


Jaz Goven

Trapped emotions will often gather around the heart, creating a “HEART-WALL” which may interfere with your ability to give and receive love, abundance, reach your true potential and even affect your health and wellbeing.

Initially we start to create a wall around our heart to protect it from hurt or pain. However, as this protection builds up it means that anything wanting to pass into or out from our heart must travel through a wall of negative emotions and limitation. Just imagine how this affects your ability to love and be loved, give and receive to yourself and others? Imagine what would be possible for you without a wall around your heart?

In this FREE FTT introduction Jaz Goven the creator of FTT shares more about heart walls and, best of all, will muscle test YOU to see if you DO have a Heart Wall and if you are ready to release it and allow more of what you want in or out?
For those of you ‘with’ Heart Walls Jaz will facilitate small intimate groups of 4 people where you will deep dive into your Heart Wall, release it, heal it, and open to more of who you are and what you want – from your Heart.

Introduction Talk
is FREE.


Online via Zoom


Working With Jaz has been Absolutely Live Changing.
I Love that She’s So intuitive! Jaz is so easy to Work With.
Recently we did some Proxy work on one of my children And The results were Absolutely Mind Blowing!
Things started to change Very Quickly. And For The Good.
And I’m So Happy that Jaz is So Intuitive and meets People where they Are. And helps them To achieve significant breakthroughs quickly!
Thank Jaz for giving me hope!

Martie Pineda

May 2022

Since releasing my Heart Walls, I feel emotional freedom and almost zero burdens from the past. I am able to say ‘no’ or simply ignore things now.
Thank you so very much for your kindness and help.
With much love and respect

Julie W Bangkok

July 2022

It was eye opening to have the imagery of my heart wall and to be able to pinpoint when the walls went up. Post workshop, I feel softer with myself, and there's a reclaiming of my energy and sense of belonging here and within my body. I feel safer to be here now. For that I'm forever grateful to Jaz and FFT.


July 2022

I did a Heart Wall Workshop with Jaz and I found it very helpful. I was aware that I had blocks built up around my heart which where preventing me from loving myself and allowing myself to love fully.
This workshop was really insightful and allowed me to see and feel more open hearted.

Gráinne Flanagan

Ireland, July 2022

Jaz’s workshops always give me profound results and releases, it really is magical. I was able to release and let go of things I’d been holding onto since my childhood. The day after releasing my heart wall, I met a guy - unlike anyone I’ve attracted to me before, a genuinely nice, caring, loving human being.

Loretta UK

July 2022

Since releasing my heart wall with Jaz I've noticed a big change in my mindset. I understand and truly realize to act from within rather than from the outside forcing my within to follow it. Its total opposite of how I would like to live. Thank you for helping me to realize this! This helps in all aspects of my life.
Always seeing more and more changes


July 2022