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When someone asks, “What makes an athlete so successful?”. Most people would probably say “Physical fitness, 10+ hours of training, healthy diet……” Yes, these factors are extremely important however, it is only one part. The full equation to athletic success is: Physical Abilities + Mindset! The power of ones mental state can determine whether one is to succeed or fail based on their beliefs. Another question now arises, “how does one have a strong belief system ? Or “can I get some help to achieve this strong mental state?” The answer to that is: YES! Our method is hypnotherapy!

In general, hypnotherapy is used to create subconscious change in an individual to align them to their best performance. It is not used to teach a skill but to profoundly enhance the performance. For sports, what generally happens during these sessions, is the athlete will state what he/she wants to achieve, i.e. Run 2 seconds faster in a 100m sprint. From then on, the goal is to help the athlete create a winning environment.

Sports hypnotherapy does many things:

  1. Helps focus on goals
  2. Increases concentration
  3. Uses deep relaxation and concentration to imagine success
  4. Helps control negative thoughts and emotions
  5. Helps with relaxation during physical activity
  6. Removes Anxiety
  7. Boosts confidence
  8. Maintains composure
  9. Helps overcomes distraction
  10. Helps overcomes fear
  11. Positive self-talk
  12. Fulfillment

And the list can go on and on…

Athletes all over the world use this, the list goes from Tiger Woods to Michael Jordon. Here at All About You, we had Dan Wells, a Hong Kong based British racing driver go through the hypnosis process with Sonia Samtani. With 10/10 wins,  Dan now clearly has  both the skill and the mindset that is conditioned to win. During a one on one interview, He said: When someone asked him where he was during the race, he would often answer third, and since in his head he was third, he always pulled up third. Through this realization he changed the way he thought and started coming first. What Sonia did was simply aligning his conscious and subconscious mind to a trigger which associated him to his best performance. Dan then has used this trigger ever since which has caused him to win every race. We are very proud of Dan and would love to help more sports player master their mental game and program their mind to be a champion!