Events at All About You Centre

All About You is a spaciously warm wellness centre with convenient and comfortable state of the art facilities.

Facilitator: Sonia Samtani This workshop bring you deeper techniques to continue loving, healing and accepting your inner child. We will delve deeper into the birthing experience and notice conclusions you have made that are unconsciously running your life. By the end, you will have an experience of parenting your inner child and bringing him/her into this […]

Fast Track Technique is the premier tool for making change by releasing blocks from your body, mind and life while taking you to higher levels of consciousness than before. About Jaz Goven Jaz Goven was born a highly sensitive being and struggled most of her life to ‘fit in’ and ‘be’ what she believed others expected […]

Inhibitions and limitations – another one bites the dust! Inhibitions and limitations hold you back, keep you stuck and are your ego’s fear of getting it wrong, making a mistake, being judged, not being good enough and so much more. Your inhibitions limit your potential and the size of the world you allow yourself to live in. Plus, they […]

Facilitators: Jaz Goven Family Matters, Curses and Conflicts Workshop Family matter, but conflict occurs when family members have different views or beliefs that clash. Conflict can occur when people misunderstand each other and jump to wrong conclusion. Issues of conflict that are not resolved peacefully can lead to arguments and resentment and create separation within immediate and extended […]

Facilitator: Jaz Goven Fast Track Technique – Level 1 Personal Transformation A One Day Certified Training Engage your mind transform your life Fast Track Technique is a powerful and intelligent healing system for self investigation, self realization and transformation. It provides immediate, permanent and positive change and is easy to learn. Learning Fast Track for yourself […]