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Many of us have had long-term desires which we just can’t seem to meet. Perhaps we’ve been wanting to speak confidently in public, eat healthily, become more patient, or earn more money, and yet we find that we just can’t do this. When we can’t get what we want it’s because there is an inner conflict going on between the conscious and subconscious mind – a misalignment between your desires and beliefs.

Most of the time the conscious mind knows what it desires and has a plan on how to get it, however, the subconscious mind which holds your deep-seated beliefs is giving the opposite message. For example, the conscious mind could say, ‘I need to stop eating sweets’, and the subconscious mind says, ‘No it makes me feel safe and comfortable’, and hence nothing changes and we feel like we’ve failed.

Most of us don’t get that the issue is far deeper than a matter of discipline, and as a result, we start judging ourselves for why we can’t do what we want, making us feel even worse.

There are many modalities that help align your beliefs to your desires so you can meet your goals, and all these involve working with the power of the subconscious mind. To help yourselves I would suggest to just start by having some self-compassion; don’t put yourself down for not meeting your long-term goals and get that there is something much deeper going which is coming from your illogical mind.

Accepting that logic and judgment is not going to help the situation, but understanding that there is a deep void within and inquiring about where that’s coming from will be a great place to start. All resolutions will eventually lead to accepting there is an issue, being aware of what the real cause is and healing it with consciousness.