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Now more so than ever, we are seeing people’s darkness, prejudices and judgments being brought to light. This is a part of the world around us, and so is the lightness, generosity, love and humor that is also present. I would like to say a little something to those who are getting emotionally charged about all the darkness that is coming to the surface: It’s okay to acknowledge and feel your feelings, however if you have a hidden agenda of wanting to change the world by doing things that are driven by your anger, it’s probably not going to change what is happening.

If you view what is happening through a filter of ‘this is wrong’ it will evoke anger, and any action that is taken from there will only reinforce your angry state and won’t really change the other person. Creating long-term change in the world doesn’t happen if you are shouting out from your personal pains or fueled by anger. People generally make real shifts only when they are understood and inspired to do something different. The best thing we can do is understand that any action that is intended to hurt another comes from one’s own pain and a lack of awareness. Instead, if we seek to understand others and raise awareness, we are far more likely to see a shift in the world than by perpetuating judgment.

Here are some principles for living that can help to shift our approach:

  1. It’s okay to feel your emotions.
  2. Life is not about being on top all the time, it’s about understanding that we will face all types of up’s and down’s, and being at peace with that.
  3. When we are shown darkness, judging it as ‘wrong’ will only create more darkness. Moving away from judging it at all (neither as good nor bad), and just getting that it’s there will create more light around you.

Here’s to creating shifts through raising awareness!

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