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A happy relationship is the greatest thing out there. It can make you feel alive, beautiful, safe and loved! Behind a happy couple, there is usually hard work! They are the ones who find time for one another, are always honest, laugh, support one another, communicate etc. Not to say that all these things are not important but among them, communication is key!

Without communication, there is no relationship. It’s so important to talk, to express yourself, to share the good and the bad. Only through this, will your relationship gradually develop. It’s basically the foundation to how 2 people become closer. One of the worse things you can do is hold your feelings in. While it might seem like it’s a small thing, over time, it can grow into this big ball of resentment, hatred and anger! There are however small things you can do to improve communication!

  1. Talk face to face
  2. Be patient and understanding. Don’t attack one another!
  3. Be Honest
  4. Find the right time to share (ie. If your made about something, don’t wait 48 hours to bring it up again, you’ll most likely be madder and the other may not understand)
  5. Listen to what the other is saying! Pay attention!!
  6. Give couples counseling a go!

Communicating can be hard for some. It can seem intimidating and awkward at first to open up about issues or problems. This is where couples counseling comes in handy. During these sessions, a couples therapist acts as the middle man and usually tries to engage the couple to express their feelings and thoughts. This gives the couple a safe environment to express themselves. Usually through these sessions, couples will be able to learn how to speak to each other in a more supportive and understanding manner. What’s better is that they can utilize the skills learnt during these sessions and use them at home as well!. In addition to that, they will gradually be able to learn how to listen more effectively and empathically.