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With so many paths available for personal and spiritual growth, I find many people confused about which route to take and question whether they should follow Art of Living, a Guru, Hypnotherapy, Vipassana, Coaching, NLP, Buddhist chanting, or something else. My natural response to that is consciousness keeps evolving and different things will resonate with us at different points in time, so flow with what feels right at the time without rules of what you “should” do.

There are as many paths available as there are people on this planet, and our ultimate role is to get that there is no superior or correct route to enlightenment. We will all figure our own path of getting there using the wisdom from the various different workshops we’ve done, masters we’ve met, and books we’ve read as beautiful tools to add to our own personal toolbox.

If we do this, we can begin to see that we are the source of awareness that has the power to discern what tool is needed at what situation. Sometimes what’s needed is compassion, sometimes it’s understanding that we have the capacity to interpret events of our lives, and other times it’s the ability to surrender and flow. When we dissociate our identity with one specific modality, we could accept that we are aware beings with a consciousness that can differentiate between what works for us and what doesn’t, and find out own path to freedom.

Simply put, each therapeutic modality represents a certain vibratory state, there is no superior way, and our awareness can help us understand what we need most at each point in time.  I invite you to embrace all the tools that you have so far, and know that you have the power to choose which vibration will serve you best as you evolve.