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As a collective, we are going through more changes than ever before, and we have the opportunity to trust that we can handle it, or to judge that “it was not supposed to be” and feel powerless about it. There is no doubt that we are being challenged on many levels. For many years we lived with the notion that “what I plan should happen”, and now we realise that life doesn’t function that way. We can have an intention, however, we are not 100% in control of what happens. The only thing we have 100% control over is us; our thoughts and our emotions. In all other aspects of life, we are co-creators; we have an influence over things outside of us, however, we cannot fully control them. The sooner we realise this, the easier life will be. The good news is that we are all going through these lessons together, and there is so much support available for us to come together and grow.

There is a light and dark part to everything, so as much as we are seeing challenges, we are also seeing people coming together to support each other more than before. On a global level, we are recognising that it is indeed time for a change, and we don’t have to do it alone. I have been participating in so many group summits and basking in the power of group healing, and I am very proud to be a speaker in another fabulous global forum this month to help us understand how to use the power of our emotions to manifest the destiny we desire.

I’m honored to be featured on the speaker line-up at the Emotional Mastery Made Easy Forum by Silky Zhou, along with other remarkable speakers across the globe! The FREE summit is from March 1-14th, and features interviews with renowned healers, therapists, authors and speakers that are designed to be short and to-the-point, giving you lots of tools to raise your awareness, inspire you, and empower you with tools to move forward. I am speaking on March 10th on How to Better Understand Your Emotions; honour them, understand their transitory nature, and use your wisdom to move forward.

You can register for the FREE EMOTIONAL MASTERY MADE EASY – Live Forum here: REGISTER

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