Event Category: Workshops

Facilitator: Ambikha Devi In this Women Circle, we will endeavour a 7 week Journey to our Chakras. We will understand ourselves on a deeper level through bonding with each other and journeying through the 7 chakras within our body. Each week, Ambikha will guide you through exploring these Chakras, through mindful explorative movement, sound healing, […]

About your Facilitator: Emma has been practising psychic development and reading the tarot cards for 40 years having had an interest and flair for these subjects since she was very young. In the 1980s she attended the prestigious London College of Psychic Studies where she studied clairvoyance and mediumship and she drew upon that experience as a […]

About your facilitator: Dr. Peter Duchemin is an artist, magician, scholar, and Tarot reader with more than 20 years of reading experience. He is a Canadian and Newfoundlander by birth, and has travelled widely to discover his current home in Hong Kong. His approach to Tarot has earned him recognition for the depth, clarity, and […]

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Hypnotherapists Alumni Gathering for all our Hypnotherapy graduates of the EKAA curriculum from levels 2 – 5. In this event, we will have an open forum with Sonia Samtani, where training hypnotherapists can get a refresher on techniques, be able to share new skills […]

Facilitator: Peter Freeth In this half day masterclass, international communication expert, trainer and author Peter Freeth will help you to unravel the complexity of human communication and achieve maximum impact in your sales conversations. You’re a professional communicator. Your work depends on how good you are at creating ideas, shaping conversations, influencing choices and motivating […]