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In those overwhelming moments when money is scarce, your relationships are down in the dumps, you are stressing about your workload, or you feel alone… it’s useful to remember that EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE OKAY!

This takes trusting in yourself and trusting in the process of life; we’ve all been through stuff before and in retrospect it all worked out, so why will it be different now? Most of us get so caught up in our roles of being the victim, blamer or rescuer that we keep getting deeper into our own drama and the saga continues.The only way out is to have faith that life works out, without being attached to how or when it will happen. The more we have faith the further we are from fear, as they are opposing frequencies that cannot co-exist. Somewhere on another plane of existence what you are going through is already over, and the world has continued to move on.

I have heard people say trusting others is difficult, so I ask you to start by trusting in yourself and trust the bigger picture of life. The universe has its way of maintaining equilibrium beyond our desires and control, AND it’s always going to be okay!

If you would like to tap into your own stories and learn more about your bigger picture, we are happy to welcome back our International Clairvoyant and Psychic Teya K Estar. Teya is with us during the month of March for private sessions in person and on skype on: Psychic Readings, Shamanic Healings, Colour Light Therapy, Animal Communication, Past Life Journeys, Bereavement Counselling and Emotional & Physical Healing. She will be offering a workshop on Shamanic Vibrational Medicine Workshop, a Wild Wisdom Movement Meditation and two Shamanic Meditations for Healing the Past & New Beginnings.