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We are now coming to the close of 2020, and what a year it has been! Perhaps for the first time in history, we are so networked across the globe that all of us have been impacted by one single situation. The pandemic we have faced this year has come without any warning signs and had us face one of our biggest fears, the fear of the unknown.

What we don’t know, we cannot control. What we cannot control can naturally scare us. One of the biggest lessons we can learn is that the only thing we have full control over is our response. We couldn’t control the virus, but we have choice over how to respond to all the changes this year has brought. Each choice we make has its own consequences; severe panic can lead to anxiety, avoidance can lead to things deteriorating further, anger can lead to helplessness, and facing the situation with acceptance can lead to innovating a new lifestyle. The more conscious our choice is, the more peaceful the consequence will be.

2020 has required us to tap into our inner resources and draw upon the qualities that may have been dormant, such as faith, courage, vulnerability, resilience, creativity, inner-strength, and above all acceptance. It may have been hard and at times more than you thought you could handle. Yet if you are reading this, it means that you’ve made it! My personal perspective is that we have stepped into a new dimension that needs us to develop all these inner resources, so that we can grow and overcome our unconsciously fearful ways of being.

As we graciously close this year, I would like to acknowledge all of us for stepping into unknown territory and making it through. This month, I invite you to think about three of the biggest lessons you have learned, three of your greatest accomplishments, and three things you are most grateful for in the past year.

Finally, I would like to share one of my accomplishments for this year, which is my first book on conscious living! I have written a book with 52 concepts and tools, one for every week of the year to empower you with simple and empowering tools to live more mindfully. The book presents deep concepts in a simple manner, making it easy to read and a great Christmas gift. Each thought of the week comes with an exercise for you to imbibe the concepts into your daily lives. The book is available on Amazon, and hard copies will be available at All About You Centre from December 15th.

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