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I am dedicating this month’s message to International Women’s Day – on March 8th – day to honor ourselves, the women in our lives, and the yin energy within all of us. One of the key messages about this day is about promoting non-violence. Violence comes in many forms; it can be sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and even energetic if you take in to account experiences like “I could feel his lust in the way he looked at me, and I felt violated”. The violence can occur within the context of a relationship or a single event with a stranger. If you are the victim of violence, you not only have endured pain, but there can be a lot of shame and guilt associated with the trauma, which can have a debilitating impact on your self-worth for a long time (and you can move past it!).

With what’s happening around us we can’t deny that the issue of violence is real, it does happen around us, and is the result of a lot of displaced pain coming from low self-worth, lack of awareness, and unprocessed emotions. If it occurs in the context of a relationship, the pain is co-dependent where one party feels the need to put another down to feel powerful, and the other person allows it believing they are powerless. Boundaries are violated, and if the cycle continues, the pain never stops or goes away. We just end up putting more pain and darkness out into the world.

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