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Since moving into 2023 and starting the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar, I have been having lots of conversations about manifestation and setting intentions. I would like to share a highlight from my recent talks – here are the Top 3 reasons that block us from getting our desired outcomes:

  1. You are not setting goals that you actually want. You are influenced by societal expectations, pressures, or think that it is what you should want, but you are not aligned to the goals you are putting out there.
  2. You don’t believe you can get what you want. Even if it is what you want and you are aligned with your goals, you may have a belief or fear in the way that is blocking you from achieving it. These beliefs are usually limiting us and causing resistance.
  3. You depend on things that are not 100% under your control. Resolutions that depend on a shift in the outer environment will keep you in a powerless position where you don’t feel in control. If you bank upon the economy changing, or other people changing, then your success is not in your own hands, and that strategy usually does not yield desired results.

If you know what doesn’t work, it is easier to move towards what does. It’s not too late to set intentions, and set yourself up to win. I invite you to take a moment now to ground yourself, create a vision of what you want, believe it can happen, plan for it, and trust that it will come to you in the form that is most aligned with you. I wish you all the best on your journey of manifestation!

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