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One cycle is complete and another one has begun! As we welcome the new year and step into the energies of 2023, let’s use the wisdom of the last year, and our knowledge about the way life works to create a magical year for ourselves. 2022 has brought us so many lessons; be it about accepting that things end, or that we cannot change the outside, or that the things we expect don’t always happen. It has also taught us that we have the strength to be with what life shows us, that we are more resourceful than we think, and that there will always be moments to celebrate.

If we take these lessons, we can flow into 2023 with the understanding that there are two environments; the inner and the outer. The outer environment is co-created by us and shows us what we need to surrender to, and our inner environment shows us all that is under our control. If you can understand that your inner environment is “all about you”, then you can wake up feeling free, in charge, and know that you have a choice over your day. If a critical mass among us gets up every day feeling in charge, and chooses to be happy and at peace, we can lay the foundations for a loving inner and outer environment. I invite you to do your bit by waking up every morning choosing peace and acceptance, and I wish you a beautiful transition into 2023!

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