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If you look at 2019 through the lens of “what can I learn from my experiences this year”, you would probably find more learning and growing opportunities than ever before! We all know that staying in our comfort zone doesn’t really inspire growth. When things are fine we tend to repeat the same behaviour and live a pretty robotic life without much awareness.  Instead when there is chaos, we wake up and find our inner resources and deal with it, and then we grow.

Well, this year has brought chaos to many cities, Hong Kong being one of them! Hence, 2019 has given us many opportunities to learn patience, acceptance, resilience, and a deeper level of trust (trusting that life will be okay despite what things look like). We have also seen some motivational coaches and leaders be publicly questioned for their integrity – again this is an opportunity for us to see the humanity in these beings and learn that there is no hierarchy in the human tribe. The more we compare, separate people into ‘us’ and ‘them’, and put some people on a pedestal higher than others, the more we are buying into judgment and creating divide.

2019 has provided plenty of opportunities for us to either buy into this game, or make a new choice to be free of judgment, accept what has happened and look inwards to learn. What has 2019 taught you?