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For those eager to look thin NOW, the fastest and most dynamic approach is to learn the techniques of camouflage, which covers up any unwanted padding and accentuates your assets.

Below are 6 creative techniques mastered by image professionals:

1. Restrict the amount of color worn. A blouse and skirt or pants of one color with a contrasting jacket is a great way to achieve an effect with color that streamlines the body.

2. Wear garments with strong vertical lines.Vertical lines create an elongating effect and can be used as part of the fabric design, or have fun combining this feature with the style of your outfit with pleats, seaming, and jacket edges.

3. Avoid clutter. Reduce frills, ruffles, front button blouses, gathers and bulky scarves – they just add volume!

4. Cover-up the area that you want to de-emphasize. Conscious of a large hip or stomach?Cover it with a simple garment ending just below the widest part so the eye just sees the thinner and more desirable bits.

5. Show off your skinny bits. No matter what we think of our bodies we all naturally have slim features, namely our wrists, ankles, earlobes, waist and neck.

6. Wear well fitted garments. When trying on clothes don’t be afraid to sit down or walk around as you would normally. Wear soft body fabrics such as wool crepe, wool jersey, silk blends and cotton for basic garments.

A combination of these techniques can make you look up to 10lbs thinner! So enjoy dressing up, looking lighter and feeling fabulous!

Photo Credit: Daniel Oines