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Maintaining Mindfulness

The world is a busy place. We get caught up in ‘driving’ or ‘doing’ mode and often lose touch with ourselves and the present moment. If you’ve ever looked at the clock and realized you’ve been on ‘auto-pilot’, it’s a sure sign you weren’t being present. We all push our selves too far, ending up exhausted and stressed out.

When we work exhausted and stressed out, we are less productive, less creative, and fall ill more often. Maintaining Mindfulness is a great way to improve not only productivity and accuracy, but overall happiness and well-being.

Learn to become aware of your thoughts during the day. Are they helping or hindering? Learn simple mindfulness meditations that can be done in just minutes, at any point of the day, to maintain clarity, presence of mind, and to align your thoughts and goals.

This short workshop will teach your team to work happier and healthier, while providing a boost to your bottom line.

Duration: Subject to the requirements and objective of the company, the training can be anywhere from a few hours to full-days Participants: A minimum of 10 participants per session

Venue: We can conduct this training at your premises or ours; whichever is most suitable for the training and number or participants.

Requirements: Projector for PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard/ flipchart, enough space to move around

10 – 25 pax – HKD 5,000.00 per hour
25 – 50 pax – HKD 5,500.00 per hour
50 – 100 pax – HKD 6,000.00 per hour
100 pax and over – HKD 6,500.00 per hour