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It’s finally that time of year where a matte face, purple lip is back in! Not to say that the whole “strobing trend” for the summer was a bore but it’s a good time for a dramatic transition. This fall/winter, the 90’s make up look has been gradually creeping back in, the interesting thing is we are taking the 90’s grungy look and adding a sultry modern twist to it. Here are 3 fall/winter trends for 2015!!

1. Matte foundation

A matte foundation makes your skin look velvety smooth and polished without any shiny spots. There is basically no glow or shine. (although if you wanted a slight glow, feel free to use any type of illuminator to the high points of your face) Good news is that wearing a matte base also allows you to get away with more on either your eyes or your lips! Before applying a matte foundation, remember to wear a thick layer of moisturizer! This helps your face stay hydrated throughout the day. Another tip is try to stay away from translucent powder because they can cake really easily. Try to use something clear which mattifies your skin, this not only helps you stay matte but also doesn’t seep into fine lines causing the illusion of a younger look!

2. Brown/plum lip

This is mainly the reason why everyone is saying the “90’s look” is coming back. From celebrities like Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, the trend is starting to be an everyday fall/winter make up trend. To make the lip pop, try to have a minimalistic face and eye look, this draws all the attention to the lip. Here are some tips to getting that perfect pout! 1. Using a lip liner on its own can make a beautiful matte lip colour, also you won’t have to touch up as much because they last really long! (Just remember to prep your lips before to keep them moisturized) If your using a lipstick, use a dark brown lip shade with a slight bit of plum, this makes it seem more dimensional, and also try to use a lip liner to make it fuller and sharper! A great product for a lip liner is the Jane Irredale “Sienna” lip pencil, you can also pair that with the “Sharon” puremoist lipstick!

3. Cat eye (liner)

Knowing how to draw the perfect cat eyeliner can be very flattering for most eye shapes. It’s very sultry and the best thing is that it can be paired with any lip colour, or with a brown neutral smoky eye look. What’s also great about this trend is that there are no rules! You can be really creative and artistic about what you think flatters your face most. For example, you can decide to draw one thick line, or go for a look with multiple thin lines, you can even take the liner and connect it with the lower lash line to make it more dramatic! If your looking for a great liner, try out Jane Irredale’s liquid eyeliner! It easiest to use as the liquid liner is easier to control!

Photo Credit: Agberto Guimaraes