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If someone tells you to stop being angry, scared or sad, will you stop? The most common response is no; it’s not going to change the way you feel and you won’t stop, because you are already feeling it!

In most cases being told to stop just makes us feel guilty or angry for feeling the way we do and the feeling persists! The only way to actually overcome a feeling is to allow yourself to feel it and go through the experience consciously. This means acknowledging the discomfort, saying yes to your emotions with the intent of bringing yourself back to your default state of peace. You could give yourself a time period and ‘allow’ yourself to feel your uncomfortable feelings, perhaps for a day, a few hours or a few minutes (depending on how much you’ve practiced this). This consciously differentiates who you are from what you feel, has you accept yourself instead of judge, and allows you to experience the natural ups and downs of life with more ease and flow.

We at All About You are starting a new movement called ‘IT’S OKAY’, which is about accepting who we are and how we feel. Next month we will be sharing a video campaign on this concept and showcasing several of our supporters who have embarked on the journey of accepting the feelings they have previously judged. We invite all of you to look within and check what part of you have you been judging; is there an emotion that you can now accept and allow yourself to go through? If you would like to share what part of you you are ‘okay’ to feel, we would love to hear from you!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
September 2016