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Lets be honest; do you really think it’s possible to completely avoid negative thoughts? Do you think we could totally avoid ever feeling angry, sad, or fearful? The obvious answer is No. In our world of duality there will always be two polar opposite energies. We have all understood life by distinguishing between opposites; we only know what light is from experiencing darkness, hot from cold, wet from dry, happy from unhappy. Thus, we need to experience the negative feelings as a part of our life experience to know what the positive ones are.

It is inevitable that we experience a whole spectrum of emotions during our lifetime, and we are as entitled to sadness and guilt as we are to happiness and elation. If we look at this without judgement, we will realise that they are just feelings and are a part of our experience. Of course, the frequency in which they occur, and how often we experience the so-called ‘negative’ emotions is influenced by our beliefs and focus.

My invitation to you this month is to expect to feel down some of the time as a natural part of your life’s experience; when the darker emotions occur, watch them without judgment and allow them to be. Watching without judgement will most likely reduce the charge of your negative emotions, and they will subside quicker too. Make it okay to experience your emotions. We are not using this as an excuse for you to act upon your darkest thought, just making it okay to feel them without judging yourself.

It’s ALWAYS okay to feel your feelings; you have a right to them!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
March 2016