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Hypnotherapy Training Level 4 with Sonia Samtani

Level IV: Certification Course on Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis

Sonia Samtani

Facilitator: Sonia Samtani
Sonia Samtani is the Founder and Managing Director of All About You. Sonia has an inherent passion to cultivate her community and its consciousness, which is reflected in her seminars, workshops and bespoke individual consultations. She is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer.

Level 3: Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions.

This training covers:

  • Brief history of Past Life Therapy
  • Why Past Life Therapy works
  • Directing the regression to find the critical areas
  • Major safeguards for Past Life Therapy
  • Reframing critical past life memories
  • Patterns from the Past
  • Metaphysical aspects of disease
  • Soul or trauma issues
  • Life Script
  • Utilizing the benefit of the Death experience
  • Understand the subconscious
  • Understand the various forms of the spirit attachments
  • Help a client be free of spirits and spirit attachments
  • Life between lives
  • Surrogate DFE Release
  • Proper Follow-up

Course on Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis

6 days

Tuesday – Sunday
5th – 10th November 2024
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
All About You Centre

Fee: HKD8,190

If you have attended the course previously and are interested in taking a refresher, please click on this button to enroll.
Fee: HKD350 per day.

The practice part (being the client and therapist) was the best part of Level 1 training. The field of psychology has always been an interest of mine and this training has expanded my knowledge and appreciation for the mind like no other. Truly an out-of-world experience where every bit of information is new and fascinating while providing substantial evidence.

Yannick Nathan Artigolle

Cannot speak more highly of Sonia and her academy. A chance weekend course a few years ago changed my life and my whole career.and I went on to qualify and teach. Every day now I get paid doing what I love which is helping making a difference to so many. Can't tell to how rewarding and fulfilling that is. Even if you don't go on to teach or to practice as a professional the personal growth is off the charts. Sonia is the most amazing teacher and mentor one could ask for. It is pure magic!

Alison Middleton

I have studied with numerous wise teachers over the years Sonia comfortably falls into this category. Sonia and her team's friendly and very informative levels of expertise really provide a wonderful platform to learn and understand greater the working of our minds. I walked away from a 2 day course with not only new profound insights but highly practical tools and techniques that I can apply within my life and use to understand both my and the actions of others with deeper clarity. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.


Sonia is doing an excellent service by providing a lifetime opportunity of bringing “Hypnotherapy courses” as well as other courses right at our doorstep. We truly are fortunate enough to experience this. I would highly recommend the Hypnotherapy course to every individual whether they intend to be a therapist or not. It’s not just a course. It’s a way of life. This course has opened doors to the different realms that exist within me. Not only does healing take place but we get a deeper understanding of our own selves. Most importantly we “learn” to love and accept ourselves. Truly a journey inside out!

Rani Moriani

The best part of Level 1 training was understanding some of the things I went through during my own private hypnotherapy sessions and feeling inspired to apply the knowledge I have to continue to work on myself. This is an absolutely transformative experience and the course really taught me more about myself beyond the theory and knowledge of hypnotherapy. Would highly recommend!

Yuni Zihan Ji

A beautiful journey working with Sonia and every classmate. Together with her humbleness, knowledge,wisdom,compassion and love sharing this spiritual journey is much easier and lighter. Thank you for providing a solid platform for all the possibilities to happen…Until next time.

Ivy Kung

I really liked this course, just like any other ones given by Sonia. She is incredibly knowledgeable, a great presenter and public speaker. The workshop gave me more understanding about how our mind works and a chance to practise hypnosis on myself and others. Highly recommended.

Yelena Zakharova

I learnt so much about the mind and how it works. It helps me to understand myself and others so much better. I especially love the self-hypnosis techniques. That would definitely improve the quality of my life.

Duong Bao Anh

I found level 1 amazing and valuable. The course has so much to take away and the addiction to come back to level 2 onwards. My journey has just begun.

Tobias Lee

Appreciation and understanding of life, the mind, the material universe and the metaphysical continues to deepen at each level and surpassed even the highest expectations. Helped me make great progress in personal life issues and enlightenment of life purposes.

Melody Wong

The best part of Level 1 training was the deepening technique and self hypnosis technique. It is worth doing the course for your own personal development even if you are unsure you ever wish to practice.


I learn a lot of new ideas and perspective. Things that I thought I know become new and more elaborate.

Koslowski Wai Chi Wanda

The best of Level 1 training was to swire again on the theory of mind and refresh my knowledge. Refreshing is important! This time the knowledge that I previously received sunk in and basic level of the course intensified and gave me more confidence to continue with the trainings.

Marcia Silva

I’ve found Sonia’s courses on hypnotherapy one of the best that I’ve ever done. She has changed people’s lives; she’s changed my life. I’d always had a fear of the sea and we had done a hypnotherapy session and I’ve now since gone on holiday and I am able to swim in the sea without any fear. I’ve got a lot more inner peace. And now I am beginning to help people again which what I am here for.

Mary Thompson

I got a lot of benefit from the Level 1 course. I have studied a lot of personal development course including Anthony Robbins, The Landmark Forum and am a certified NLP practitioner. The Level 1 course linked all of these courses together, providing me with valuable insight into the backgrounds where these courses come from. I look forward to becoming a certified Hypnotherapist. Sonia is a great teacher, who is happy to spend time to ensure that all elements of the course are fully understood by her students.

Steve Bruce

The presentation and explanation of types of problems and techniques of therapy were well structured and explained. The practical hypnotherapy practices as therapist and client were invaluable. A “learning” and “healing” experience.

Susan Sims

Very easy to understand and very clear to process the whole course. Enjoyful amosphere and very peasceful energy here. Love it, enjoyed it and will be my treasure in my life.

Madaline Zhang