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Client Feedback

Be Your Own Master Workshop

Sonia has guide me through the journey to better understanding myself and the consequences. I feel that I’m very lucky to have this experience. I’m reborn with bless to a meaningful future!

Tina Chu

It is a must for all who wants to embrace themselves and their soul and understanding that life on this dimension is all about duality and what we need to surrender and embrace happiness.

Diana Chou

Loved Sonia's energy, especially in person, makes such a big difference, I realize! A great introductory session to those new to therapy, psychological theories and introspection! Extremely comprehensive and the perfect balance between personal shaving, experience - delving and knowledge!

Yen Kuok

It is a transforming experience that you find some answers to the life purposes and regain the power with acceptance while surrendering to higher powers at the same time in peace.

Christine Yeung

If issues in life can be likened to heartburn after meals, then talk therapy is akin to taking antacid whilst knowledge and skills acquired from Be Your Own Master workshop would be knowing the root cause of the heartburn.

Monica C

Extensive, intensive, well presented, easy to understand, transformational, interactive, easily applicable to daily life. Empowering, lifechanging and transformational.

Valerie Lui

Wonderful course & great classmates! Such positive vibes from the course. Highly recommended to everyone who seeks inner peace & self awareness.


I think this is a very enlightening workshop, highly recommended for anyone wanting to know life in more depth.


I think this is a very enlightening workshop, highly recommended for anyone wanting to know life in more depth.


Tarot Magic Online Playshop

Dr. Peter Duchemin is a wizard and I am truly humbled, grateful, and excited with the information that was shared. I am looking forward to the next workshops and practice sessions. This workshop blew what I thought tarot was about out of the water. A beautiful, rich, multilayered 2 days that I would love to repeat.

Siobhan Maire Dumigan

Tarot Tales with Jessica Syvones

Today’s class was so much more than just Tarot Reading. Jessica has taught me a new perspective, about looking at life, looking within, looking outside and how we can transform ourselves beyond that.

Jessie Li

I feel like the stories we were able to make with the different tarot cards were very insightful and I learned so much more about the cards and about myself after this Tarot Tales Workshop!

Yuni Ji

I feel like the workshop was very uplifting and I feel much more connected to everyone after this!

Alison Sin

Tarot Reading with Jessica Syvones

Thank you Jessica, the session was really interesting and allowed me to see a different way of thinking about the way I view life and my sense of identity in particular. Felt like talking to an old friend.

Lindsay Varty

Conscious Parenting Online Workshop

Sonia is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She understands human psychology and our inner child’s. She explains clearly and clears questions.


Effective Public Speaking Workshop

This course was recommended to me by a previous attendee and even though it came highly recommended, my high expectations were far exceeded and my mind was blown. This was more than a course in public speaking - it was a powerful exercise in personal growth. Sonia's vast knowledge about all things related to the human mind, her humor, and the safe space that she created for us to explore outside of our comfort zones were combined skillfully to make this an amazing, invaluable experience that I think everyone should have.

Noi Derkash

I gained valuable insights and techniques. I really absorbed the information. Thanks to Sonia’s GREAT delivery! I feel a lot more prepared to take on the world – THANK YOU SONIA!!

Neetu Sakhrani

Sonia’s Effective Public Speaking Workshop is the best for anyone who wants to take their speaking confidence and skills to the next level. Highly recommended.

Matthew Trethewey

Loved that I got to understand deep fears - personal collective why we have these fears. Learnt practical tools and techniques to help us improve. But trapped into our inner worlds. Gained more understanding of myself that will help me on my journey of growth and expansion.

Valerie Lui

I just finished one of the workshops Effective Public Speaking Workshop. Time flew by as our small group was really engaged with Sonia's method of presenting.

It was really engaging and active with breaks in between.

Sonia is a master public speaker and just observing her a lot can give a ton of value.

The tips and structure she shares are memorable and easily applicable.

She answered every question with a large depth of knowledge.

Clearly very experienced in public speaking (she worked with Tony Robbins for a few years).

A lot of personal constructive feedback from both the class and her are exchanged.

Would highly recommend anyone that needs help with this are to try it out!


Public Speaking Workshop run by All About You is one of the best workshops I have attended. Not only is it structured, it is full of contents and practice and the transformation in participants from one speech to another is tremendous. It is a not-to-be missed workshop.

Elsa Law

The flow of the presentation was excellent as it was interactivity and facilitated a clear understanding of the areas in which I needed improvement. The facilitator adeptly pinpointed the gaps in my knowledge and provide insightful guidance on how to address them.

The "All About You" Public Speaking course has been a transformative experience for me. The well structured lessons, dedicated instructor have helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I received valuable feedback and guidance, and the interactive activities allowed me to learn from peers. eI highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills.

Preeti Khandelwal

Sonia’s workshop on Effective Public Speaking was invaluable. Not only does she cover how to structure a presentation/talk, she also touches on your appearance and your beliefs. Knowing that I had a presentation in the future, the workshop gave me a great platform to start from. As the presentation got closer, I booked a one-to-one consultation to review and refine it. During our consultation Sonia helped me to identify the important messages, which allowed me to cut out all the extra, irrelevant bits so that it was a punchy presentation. Thank you Sonia! I highly recommend working with Sonia

Nicole Graham

It was a positive experience to overcome my fear of standing up in front of strangers and to express my thoughts. I harnessed my fear and relaxed to express. FANTASTIC!

Susan Sims

I absolutely enjoyed today and would love to gain more knowledge from Sonia. This was a powerful and insightful course. Valuable and indispensable tool for everyday life.

Juliette Dutois

Healing Your Inner Child Course

Sonia was a great facilitator and although it was a basic course, it went deep on the techniques and knowledge.

Andreia Neto

Beyond expectations! Amazing experience with Sonia and the class. I had a great day with my inner children. Great way to make peace with myself.

Amellia Chung

Absolutely loved every bit of it. This has been a transformative experience, and a start to my healing journey. I genuinely thank sonia for being my master allowing me to be my own master.

Karishma Loynmoon

The healing journey of my life has been hugely facilitated through attending Sonia’s hypnotherapy sessions and inner child course. Highly recommend to anyone who feels they need to heal past.

Susan Sims

I think that information and techniques given deeping this workshop will be useful for anybody, at any age. You can definitely improve so much within yourself and heal your inner traumas even.

Yana Dyplinskaya

It was a wonderful experience. So much could be revealed and then released through simple techniques. I believe healing your inner child is the important step towards a healthier happy life.

Bao Anh

This course was extremely empowering. I have gained so much clarity and peace. Highly recommended.

Valerie Lui

I really enjoyed the healing your inner child workshop it balances theory with practical experiences to help you become more whole and able to live in the present. I also learnt that it can happen at any stage of your life.

Natasha Chandler

This is an absolute powerful workshop for healing and personal growth. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to embark on a journey to work on themselves.

Yuni Ji

The workshop space is secured enough to release your inner child. Sonia could guide me to find out the route course of my believing which didn’t serve to me anymore and release them. The experience was beautiful and insightful. I highly recommend her workshop.

Ryoko Aoki

Here, it’s a place to share, to acknowledge, to get guidance and help, yet there is no judgment, only love and care. You will happily do the same for others. A place for empowerment and development.

Agnes Chow

I liked the lecture part of the workshop

Amy Chou

The inner child workshop has been giving much clarity in my life. What a beautiful way to heal ourselves! Thank you Sonia for all that you do!

Marcia Silva

It is amazing to me how immediate the healing is with hypnotherapy. I feel so happy that I myself, am working to heal what was hurt. It feels that the healing is all done in love and acceptance.

Stormie Sandhu

Sonia’s “Inner Child Healing” workshop is for anyone with an open heart/ open mind to deal with anything they might or might not be conscious of. You will walk out changed for sure.

Davena Mok

You can definitely improve so much within yourself and heal your inner traumas even.

Yana Dyplinskaya

Well worth doing if you want to learn more about yourself and the triggers that may be running your life sometimes. I would recommend this workshop

Margie O Donoghue

Balancing Your Inner Yin & Yang Online Workshop

This Yin Yang Workshop even just for few hours was powerful. I felt shift of energy and releasing of pain with the right side of my body. Amazing!!

Susan Sims

It’s the most ignored topic, despite people being “self-aware”. The dominant side gets encouraged too easily (validation), It time to help the “weak” and help yourself complete!

Agnes Chow

Mental Mastery for Manifestation Workshop

Romantic Relationships Online Workshop

Sonia’s workshop on relationships helps me to heal and to grow – accept what is, communicate effectively, know my fear, and love with wisdom. It was a life changing moment.

Jenny Lee

Understanding Your Chakras Workshop

Such a fun, fruitful experience and workshop! I can’t believe it has only been 3 hours. I felt like I have been studying this for days, that’s how much I felt like I have learned.

Aileen Chan

I loved how the course was structured and the way in which Sonia presented all the information we needed to know on “how and why” chakras are blocked and most importantly, “HOW” to clear them. It was very easy to follow her presentation and could make fantastic notes. I will most definitely be practicing everything I learned to enhance the quality of my life and help friends and family who may be in need of “chakra clearing!”


Loved learning more about chakras and having practical tools. I feel will help in my life.

Heidi-Anna Gordon

Incredibly illuminating experience where I learned valuable tools and processes to understand & heal myself

Pema Han

Sonia is a great teacher. The course is good for complete beginner and you will have so much of take away

Amy Wong

It’s such a fun and informative workshop where I didn’t only learn a lot about chakras but also come to understand the issue behind and how to unblock it with a positive affirmation. Highly recommend!

Duong Bao Anh

Sonia is very easy to learn from, and further enrich my spiritual studies. She has encouraged me to practice on my own teaching and practicing methods. I saw how people who don’t have any previous understanding, really learn foundation of Chakras.

Melanie Cox

Hypnotherapy Private Sessions

I first went to see Sonia over the Summer of 2014. It was a difficult time for me. I knew I needed to make some changes to my life (both personally and professionally) and I was prepared to try something “different” – I just didn’t know what. Sonia came on the scene (almost by accident) and assured me she could help. Although I was a little sceptical, I decided to give working with Sonia a try anyway and I am so glad that I did.

Since seeing Sonia, I have had some major life changes and gained a new perspective on the world. Today my finances have dramatically improved, my self-esteem is high and I feel like I am back in control of my life. My work with Sonia has been a big part of these changes. I wanted to say thank you in some way, so I wrote this testimonial. If you are feeling a little stuck, or if you feel you need to move to a new level in some way, go and see Sonia.

Just have an open mind and some great things can happen for you.


I was diagnosed having eye scleritis which is caused by auto-immunity disorder. Over several months medication taken but the symptoms still kept appearing until I received only one session of Organ Regeneration from hypnotherapy by Louie. Finally the symptoms were all gone in just a week which really an amazing experience to me. Thank you for Louie's heartfelt help that I truly appreciated this incredible present given from the Universe. Throughout the continuous hypnotherapy process allowing me to explore and settle the hurdles in order to making my life towards a brighter and fruitful journey.

Annie Fung

This is my first time to seek help from a hypnotherapist. I was amazed by the experience as some blocks and belief are unknown to me. After a few sessions of cleaning, my awareness to life and emotions increase a lot.


Hypnotherapy Training

The practice part (being the client and therapist) was the best part of Level 1 training. The field of psychology has always been an interest of mine and this training has expanded my knowledge and appreciation for the mind like no other. Truly an out-of-world experience where every bit of information is new and fascinating while providing substantial evidence.

Yannick Nathan Artigolle

Cannot speak more highly of Sonia and her academy. A chance weekend course a few years ago changed my life and my whole career.and I went on to qualify and teach. Every day now I get paid doing what I love which is helping making a difference to so many. Can't tell to how rewarding and fulfilling that is. Even if you don't go on to teach or to practice as a professional the personal growth is off the charts. Sonia is the most amazing teacher and mentor one could ask for. It is pure magic!

Alison Middleton

I have studied with numerous wise teachers over the years Sonia comfortably falls into this category. Sonia and her team's friendly and very informative levels of expertise really provide a wonderful platform to learn and understand greater the working of our minds. I walked away from a 2 day course with not only new profound insights but highly practical tools and techniques that I can apply within my life and use to understand both my and the actions of others with deeper clarity. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.


Sonia is doing an excellent service by providing a lifetime opportunity of bringing “Hypnotherapy courses” as well as other courses right at our doorstep. We truly are fortunate enough to experience this. I would highly recommend the Hypnotherapy course to every individual whether they intend to be a therapist or not. It’s not just a course. It’s a way of life. This course has opened doors to the different realms that exist within me. Not only does healing take place but we get a deeper understanding of our own selves. Most importantly we “learn” to love and accept ourselves. Truly a journey inside out!

Rani Moriani

The best part of Level 1 training was understanding some of the things I went through during my own private hypnotherapy sessions and feeling inspired to apply the knowledge I have to continue to work on myself. This is an absolutely transformative experience and the course really taught me more about myself beyond the theory and knowledge of hypnotherapy. Would highly recommend!

Yuni Zihan Ji

A beautiful journey working with Sonia and every classmate. Together with her humbleness, knowledge,wisdom,compassion and love sharing this spiritual journey is much easier and lighter. Thank you for providing a solid platform for all the possibilities to happen…Until next time.

Ivy Kung

I really liked this course, just like any other ones given by Sonia. She is incredibly knowledgeable, a great presenter and public speaker. The workshop gave me more understanding about how our mind works and a chance to practise hypnosis on myself and others. Highly recommended.

Yelena Zakharova

I learnt so much about the mind and how it works. It helps me to understand myself and others so much better. I especially love the self-hypnosis techniques. That would definitely improve the quality of my life.

Duong Bao Anh

I found level 1 amazing and valuable. The course has so much to take away and the addiction to come back to level 2 onwards. My journey has just begun.

Tobias Lee

Appreciation and understanding of life, the mind, the material universe and the metaphysical continues to deepen at each level and surpassed even the highest expectations. Helped me make great progress in personal life issues and enlightenment of life purposes.

Melody Wong

The best part of Level 1 training was the deepening technique and self hypnosis technique. It is worth doing the course for your own personal development even if you are unsure you ever wish to practice.


I learn a lot of new ideas and perspective. Things that I thought I know become new and more elaborate.

Koslowski Wai Chi Wanda

The best of Level 1 training was to swire again on the theory of mind and refresh my knowledge. Refreshing is important! This time the knowledge that I previously received sunk in and basic level of the course intensified and gave me more confidence to continue with the trainings.

Marcia Silva

I’ve found Sonia’s courses on hypnotherapy one of the best that I’ve ever done. She has changed people’s lives; she’s changed my life. I’d always had a fear of the sea and we had done a hypnotherapy session and I’ve now since gone on holiday and I am able to swim in the sea without any fear. I’ve got a lot more inner peace. And now I am beginning to help people again which what I am here for.

Mary Thompson

I got a lot of benefit from the Level 1 course. I have studied a lot of personal development course including Anthony Robbins, The Landmark Forum and am a certified NLP practitioner. The Level 1 course linked all of these courses together, providing me with valuable insight into the backgrounds where these courses come from. I look forward to becoming a certified Hypnotherapist. Sonia is a great teacher, who is happy to spend time to ensure that all elements of the course are fully understood by her students.

Steve Bruce

The presentation and explanation of types of problems and techniques of therapy were well structured and explained. The practical hypnotherapy practices as therapist and client were invaluable. A “learning” and “healing” experience.

Susan Sims

Very easy to understand and very clear to process the whole course. Enjoyful amosphere and very peasceful energy here. Love it, enjoyed it and will be my treasure in my life.

Madaline Zhang

Connect with the Tarot Workshop

Really enjoyed the overview of the journey from 10 to 1 on Day 2. It brought sense to everything – a bit of an aha moment!

Angela Hancock

Worksop on Tarot reading was very enlightening, Peter was very knowledgeable about tarot and other ancient cultures, it was fun and didn’t feel any pressure. Our two day workshop finished before we realised.

Chow S M

A fantastic training not just on reading cards but about philosophy & life that would help you frame a new perspective on all things & situations.

Bao Anh

NLP Master Practitioner Training

Incredibly insightful learnings that can be applied in everyday life. You will not see / hear language in the same way again!

Bao Anh Duong

This was an extremely powerful and revealing course. I found it fascinating how Peter was able to breakdown a simple sentence. Very useful for both life and as a coach. Very happy that I experienced this.

Angela Hancock

Peter is a very knowledgeable teacher, trainer and coach. His teaching method is clear and transparent and the way of delivering information is empowering and makes you want to learn more and more.
Thank you.

Anoush Davies

I had an amazing journey learning how to do things by myself and understanding why I do it. It will without a doubt be incredibly useful.