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Personal Development Workshops

Shamanic Vibrational Medicine Workshop

The purpose of this experiential 2 day is to allow you to gain an understanding of the uses and scope of Shamanic Vibrational Medicine. Make your own her flower crystal remedies and Herbal Healing .

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • Introduction into Shamanic vibrational and herbal healing medicine
  • A Talk on various plants and crystals and their uses
  • Introduction to dowsing/ and body talk diagnosis
  • Understanding and learning how to activate the miraculous healing powers of H2O
  • Kinesiology energy balance techniques to dowse from a truly balanced state
  • Understanding what is a remedy, how to make one and practice time for the above
  • Shamanic journey to connect with a plant or crystal spiritually to retrieve very specific healing instructions
  • Making your very own potentized flower &/or crystal remedy for physical, emotional, mental, core energy & spiritual healing
  • How to diagnose a remedy using energy scan and basic charts
  • Giving and receiving a treatment
  • A herbal blessing ceremony
  • Making your own smudge sticks and space cleansers
  • A medicine walk in nature to retrieve important life and personal healing guidance
  • A Personal Shamanic plant ceremony to release any pain, and to permanently imprint your totem plant spirit ally’s good medicine into your system
  • Lots of tips and tricks working with plant medicine


11:00am – 6:00pm (2 Day Workshop)