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Personal Development Workshops

Shaman’s Doorway

Shamanism is an ancient, earth-based spiritual path for healing, awakening, and raising consciousness. Like our ancestors before us, we will travel to the upper world (crown) to meet our spirit teachers, to the lower world (roots) of the animals, and to the middle world (trunk) to meet the spirits existing in this reality. The magic and healing of the allies from these three realms can touch our hearts and lead us powerfully into the mystery of what it is to be a human being.

In this workshop we will form a circle working together for ourselves, each other and for Mother Earth using core shamanic techniques of journey, dance, song and walk combined with the spirit help of drum, rattle, feather and herbs. The core practices you will learn have a strong focus on bringing back information and healing for the group and will teach you skills for yourself and others.

This workshop will help you open your own doorway to the spirit world, and give you the fundamental tool of journeying, together with other key shamanic practices. These can lead you towards reclaiming the ancient wisdom buried within your DNA, and so to your true, authentic power.

2 Day Workshop


$2,500.00 HKD